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How to Stir Fry

Posted on 09 February 2019


1. Gather your equipment.

Wok: The best woks are made of carbon steel and react quickly to sudden changes in heat. Chinese spatula: Also called a Wok Spatula, this utensil is wide and flat with a curved edge to conform with the wok's curves.

2. Prepare your mise en place.

Do all your preparation ahead so all your ingredients are ready to go once you commence stir- frying.
All ingredients should be cut to about the same size if you want to cook multiple ingredients simultaneously. For texture and presentation purposes, if various sized ingredients are used—stir- fry in separate batches and combine at the end.

3. Prepare your wok before cooking.

Heat your wok dry until a drop of water dances in the pan and evaporates just about on contact. Use grapeseed, vegetable, or peanut oil. Heat the oil and swirl it to coat the inside of the wok before adding any ingredients. Once you have swirled the pan, you need to begin cooking immediately.

4. Let's stir-fry!

Try browning aromatics—a thick slice of fresh ginger, a garlic clove, or a small chili pepper—in the oil as it heats to flavor it. Remove the seasoning before proceeding. Start with the meat or poultry. Do not crowd the pan. Let the meat brown slightly, flipping to brown on all sides. Remove meat from the pan, then stir-fry all other ingredients using the same technique.

When all ingredients are browned, combine in the wok to heat through. Push the ingredients to the side to make a well in the center. Reduce the heat to medium and add sauce ingredients to the well. Allow the sauce to thicken a bit and then stir-fry to coat all the contents of the pan.

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